Beautiful Zara underwear and pajamas for fall 2020.

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Zara premiered in the world of underwear in April 2020, when the famous Spanish brand was introduced. his first collection it consisted of only a few parts. Given that Inditex has a brand that focuses on underwear in its portfolio, it is not surprising that they decided to do some “painting” inside the house, so while Oysho launched pieces for every day, Zara opened a lingerie and pajama section of her own style.

And now that we’re looking at a new, expanded collection for Fall 2020, the premiere seems to have been hugely successful.

Zara underwear for autumn

In a year where we think of comfort more than ever, and that we often spend working from home, it is imperative to enjoy the clothes from every floor. If we’re not going to depart from everyday wear, at least let it be elegant and seductive in its layers, and this is exactly the kind of underwear from Zara’s autumn collection. And not just underwear, but also pajamas.

Delicate and romantic, the bra and panty sets suggested by the brand in the new season can be described in this way. Silk, lace and cotton are the most common materials, with bras usually wire free and high waisted or shaping quality panties. Zara offers several cotton models as well as two-piece satin pajamas, and the most common are classic, button-down men’s models.

Bralettes and bikini bras will gently envelop the skin, there are several bodysuits in the collection, and we’ve picked our favorites below. Find everything official Zara page – Many tracks still in category Very soon however, you can pre-register for an email notification of their arrival at the web store.

Photo: Zara


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