Artistic Freywille jewelery ideal for the ‘sweater vibe’

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Vincent Van Gogh started painting at the age of 27. He left behind 850 paintings and more than 900 sketches and watercolors, which means he does an average of four paintings per week. He is the pioneer of European expressionism, as he gave an expression of the raw and vulgar world in which he lived in his paintings, yet still found bright and cheerful details in it. In museums and private collections around the world, his paintings shine, vibrate and even change color in an extraordinary way. They are a valuable source of inspiration for FREYWILLE artists, and through their wonderful jewelry collections they manage to magically enliven some of Van Gogh’s finest masterpieces.

According to many, the most impressive FREYWILLE design is Èternite, which authentically conveys the details of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting. With a unique painting and baking enamel technique, each piece of jewelry vividly evokes the scene of the mystical vibration of nature and elements of the human world. The main motif is the expressive, circular eddies in the night sky, representing the glow of the stars constantly flickering in lime and ocher hues. The energetic light of the moon and the mystical atmosphere of the night full of hope and eternity are captured in a strong FREYWILLE composition with the perfect harmony of intense deep blue and cobalt blue tones.

FREYWILLE is once again inspired by Van Gogh’s “Almond in Bloom” painting series this fall. Vincent painted them in France from 1888 to 1890, and they spread his belief in awakening and new beginnings. Featuring L’Amandier Noir design, FREYWILLE artists emphasize the eternal elegance of black and gold. Woven from shades of ancient gold, the almond branches are sprinkled with delicate, snow-white flowers with pink detailing and shimmer charmingly on a mystical black background. This simple and powerful composition exudes splendor and embodies timeless classics and complexity at its best.

The FREYWILLE collection Hommage a was created by Vincent Van Gogh’s fashion editorial, Sanja Jagatić, known for her fashion editorial, photography and creative guidance, Sanja Agić signed makeup and Evelin Benković’s hairstyle for Evelin Hair Studio. The role of the model is Tia Marcijuš, model Talia.

You can find more information about FREYWILLE jewelery at the Online Boutique. or visit the FREYWILLE boutique in Preradovićeva 2, Zagreb.

Photo: Sanja Jagatić




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