Anita Dujić created a new jewelery collection for the Juno brand in fall 2020.

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June autumn 2020

Juno jewelry is timeless, timeless and suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day walk or an evening out.

A new collection of the already well-known Juno jewelry brand was eagerly awaited. After the spring / summer campaign, which was unfortunately postponed due to the new situation in the world, the new campaign was challenged. To resist all the misfortunes that surround him, to challenge all the gray predictions that have collapsed on him. This is why the new collection was given a suitable name –Counter.

The word contra is characteristic of the Dalmatia from which the creator of this particular gem comes from –Anita Dujić.

June autumn 2020

The Juno brand has always been a changing counter trend with incredible speed, resistance, and flexibility. Juno jewelry is timeless, timeless and suitable for all occasions, be it a day walk or an evening out. All jewelery pieces are unique and personalized and created with special care. Minimalism, the trademark of this brand, is a powerful reflection of the power of the woman who wears this jewel, which we can freely say. A woman of her own, unique and confident. The Juno brand has decided to pamper yourself in the turbulent waters surrounding it and just wander around. Anita never rests and is constantly looking for inspiration in everything, and in these uncertain times she designed another jewelry collection that she is extremely proud of.

Therefore, the new autumn imagination campaign is in the form of four sets, more precisely four Juno lines, and these areJunoSILVER, JunoGOLDPLATED, JunoPEARLS i JunoCHI.The lines are full of unique shapes and details, and there is something for everyone. The Autumn collection consists of a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings lovingly made using only the finest materials. The indispensable JunoCHI jewelry line consists of gold, precious stones and diamonds.

June autumn 2020

We all like to cheer ourselves up with a few little things or to cheer up our love in the same way. If you are looking for a unique and personalized ideal gem or that wow effect that will elevate your clothing combination and also look special, you can find your favorite in the official Juno web store or in social networks.

June autumn 2020
June autumn 2020
June autumn 2020
June autumn 2020
June autumn 2020
June autumn 2020

Photo: Rajna Raguž




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