All the Stripes + How to Conquer Monday

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Happy Monday, friends!  Starting the week can either be exhilarating, or to some, soul crushing.   It can be hard to be excited to start your week if you’re not in the right headspace.  So I’m here to help you start off your Monday on the right foot with a few tips that help me when I’m struggling.

1) Wake up early and plan out your week (this can also be done Sunday). Lay out your calendar so you know what lies ahead.  If you have a significant other, do this with them.  It always helps reduce my stress when I know what my week looks like.

2) Start your Monday with a bit of meditation. Take 10 minutes before you get started for the day to reset.  I love using the apps Headspace and Equinox (in app headstrong) for guided meditations at home.

3) Make a good breakfast.  There’s nothing like setting yourself up for the day with a good breakfast.  My everyday go to is 2 soft boiled eggs, coffee (with MCT oil) and a piece of fruit.  You don’t need to get fancy.

4) Get a workout in! Starting your week with a workout helps set your intention for the week!  Saying to yourself that “you time” is a priority can be very effective.

5) Find someone to do Standup with.  Standup is a tool my startup-minded husband taught me.  Take a few minutes with your significant other, co-worker or friend (in person or over the phone, but you must be standing) to state what you completed yesterday, what are you completing today and what are you blocked on.  For me it’s a tool to help me put out into the world what I’m going to accomplish and where I need help.

Are there ways you like to conquer your Monday and set yourself up for success?  I’d love to hear from you!

All the stripes!

Jacket: Balmain // Top: Lululemon c/o (similar) // Jeans: I love Tyler Madison c/o // Shoes: Gucci // Sunglasses: Celine // Earrings: Sophie Lis

Photography by: Lydia Hudgens


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