ALDO ‘Love Planet’ collection for fall 2020 brings the best shoes and bags

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Each new season evokes a new sense of beginning and a desire for change, and one of the inevitable changes that we always look forward to is in our closets. The autumn months in our wardrobes will highlight new favorites and trends that we will wear in effective and layered combinations. We found the beginning of creating autumn wardrobes in a few key pieces of clothing, such as the classic raincoat, trendy knits, and perfect jeans. Still, the seasonal wardrobe is unthinkable without fashion accessories that will perfectly complement and color almost any clothing combination, no matter what season it is.

Speaking of the world of fashion accessories, the main role in the autumn season will be played in practical and trendy bags with versatile boots and comfortable sneakers, and everyday outfits will not miss a few of these fashion accessories that will add an extra season of character and highlight our personal fashion signature. We will find all the fashion accessories that will mark the fall season and our wardrobes this fall in the collection of one of today’s most popular fashion accessories brands – fashion brand ALDTHE.

A brand whose shoes and bags we adore

Fashion brand ALDO is one of the most popular names in the fashion scene today when it comes to fashion accessories. Each ALDO collection is focused on creating perfect models of shoes, bags and other fashion accessories that not only follow, but also create new trends and provide us with everything we could wish for. This is the idea behind the ALDO brand from the very beginning. Aldo Bensadoun, the founder of ALDO, had the vision of creating a brand he cared about in the early 1970s. Behind every model of ALDO shoes and fashion accessories is love, honesty and respect for their creators and wearers. Her fans are almost everyone, from Hollywood stars and fashion trendsetters to thousands of fans around the world.


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