Actor Emma Stone and Dave McCary are getting married

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After a two-year relationship, actress Emma Stone and comedian, director, and writer Dave McCary announced that they joined a sweet Instagram post on her profile last December. Six months after Emma Stone revealed a beautiful engagement ring with a diamond-encircled pearl in the photo, the actress was a guest on Reese Witherspoon’s YouTube show Shine On. Numerous fans immediately noticed that the actor wore a thin gold ring on the finger of his left hand.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary said yes

A few days ago, rumors of a wedding were confirmed after the famous actress and Saturday Night Live script were spotted on a casual walk where they both wore wedding rings. Foreign media estimates that Emma and Dave had an intimate spring wedding, and some claim the popular actress is pregnant with her first baby, rumors initiated by jewelry designer Tove Malibu’s Tweet.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary met on the set of Saturday Night Live in 2016 during Emma’s guest episode preparations.

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