7 Tips To Dress for Funeral: Dos & Don’ts for Women & Men

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When was the last time you rummaged through your closet for finding the perfect piece which would blend in with the solemnity of a funeral? Dressing up for a rock concert is a thousand times easier than dressing up for a funeral. With a somber atmosphere all around you need to be extra cautious while donning your outfits so that you don’t look too flashy and OTT.

The tragedy of losing someone close to you is excruciating and it’s impossible to plan for the perfect attire with so much gloom all around. What you need is some dressing advice that you will be able to follow when you are attending a funeral and that’s exactly what we will be focusing on today!

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7 Tips To Nail The Funeral Dressing Style With Finesse

1. Preferably dress in black or other dark colors

funeral outfit ideas not black Black has stood by funeral tradition for years. It brings along an aura of gloom and formality which blends perfectly with the grim surroundings. However, charcoal gray, navy blue, and ash are also accepted as appropriate funeral attire colors.

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2. Keep it less, keep it minimalistic

what not to wear to a funeral?Remember, at a funeral you are supposed to be grieving, whether you were close to the deceased or not. So try to keep your attire as minimalistic as possible. The somber occasion demands that you keep away from large earrings, chunky neckpieces, and other eye-popping accessories. Nevertheless, you can stick to small diamond studs or a simple diamond bracelet else go all traditional with the timeless pearl strands.

3. Use a Hat or a veil for a more effect

summer funeral attire femaleHats are a perfect accessory to go with your funeral attire. It blends in smoothly with the somber event and gives you a polished and stylish look. But don’t choose an outlandish headgear that stands out like a sore thumb. Go for a simple yet stylish one which will help you score full marks from the fashion police without being too flamboyant.

Funeral customs also allow wearing veils but remember that these veils are not the same as that of a wedding veil. They are way too short and at max should extend to the end of your chin. Veils also come attached to the hat. So if you are planning on wearing a veil, look for the ones that come strewn to the hats.

4. Put your best foot forward

funeral outfit ideas winterAt a funeral you will be dealing with a lot of stress, so the last thing you need is an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Funerals demand a lot of standing and walking so it is smarter to choose comfort over glamour. Moreover, you will have to walk on soft ground, so it will be better to stay away from sharp heels that will make it difficult to walk on the grassy surface. Choose pumps, kitten heels, or ballerina shoes which will blend in with the event’s flavor without compromising on your comfort.

5. Show as less skin as possible

avoid plunge neckline to a funeral This may not sound very empowering, but funerals are generally conservative in nature. So to show basic respect for the deceased, try wearing clothes which are not too revealing. Stay away from plunging necklines and thigh slits as that would draw way too much attention. The hem of your dress should at least touch your knees. Match it with elbow-length sleeves and you are good to go.

6. Be careful with the print, fabric, and fit

black lace midi dressA lot depends on the fabric of your funeral wear. Dark-colored attire doesn’t score you brownie points if the dress is made up of flashy fabric or sequins. You can surely save that for the upcoming New Year’s party. Cotton, wool, and tweed are much more preferred in comparison to silk which ushers in a feeling of the cocktail party. Chiffon can also be another option if it isn’t too shiny. Bright colored attractive patterns are a strict no-no. Look out for subtle laces and pinstripes while zeroing on your dress as they add heaps of elegance to your plain Jane funeral wears.

Go for a clean fitted midi length dress as flowing dresses give a beach party kind of feel. However, don’t pick a too tight ensemble. You surely don’t want to end up looking like one of the playboy bunnies at Hugh Hefner’s funeral!

7. Go for the no make-up look

do and don't to a funeral, funeral dress tips Use waterproof makeup – that’s a must for all funerals when people are not at their emotionally strongest point. Owing to the tragedy of the event it is better to keep your makeup as minimal as possible. You can sign off with a nude lipstick dewy makeup and a hint of eyeliner which will radiate your natural charm.

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