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Ever since we started watching how you look Week in Croatian lockers It is our true pleasure to bring you closer to the fashion preferences of women who inspire us with their style every day, develop this subject further, and have successfully built their fashion statement and reinforced their image over the years.

They’re the ones that show us the true side of fashion, not only more realistic but also more fun and casual … While fashion campaigns from glossy magazine pages are really worth seeing, we need real life fashion content. much easier to connect and identify on a daily basis. That’s why we believe in our topic “7 days, 7 combinations” it is so popular because this is not only the cross section of clothes in someone’s wardrobe but also gives you real / wearable ideas when your inspiration runs out or looking for a ‘wow’ piece.

Autumn edition of the ‘7 days, 7 combinations’ theme

After saying goodbye to summer it’s time first autumn edition ‘7 days, 7 combinations’and we hosted this time Ana Matutinović.

He comes from the mainstream fashion world and has worked for many years in fashion buying, merchandising and developing fashion brands in our area. After his experience working in the fashion industry, he finally decided it was time to start something on his own and with his friend Tanja Cerinski Štimac. Style and Wingsis a local company for the development of personalized style, serving ‘ordinary women like us’ with wardrobe organization, shopping with stylist and design service with business customers. It is the one who will do it along the main road Style and Wings platformHelp, with each of your fashion dilemmas, so we decided to “switch sides”, take a look behind the scenes and discover what a week looks like in your wardrobe!


A combination with a raincoat, an eternal classic


Stylish mix: jeans with denim


Velvet as the most popular autumn material


Elegant business jeans


A little black dress worn from morning till night


A relaxed and relaxed weekend look


The best choice sweatshirt for a lazy Sunday at home

Photo: Style and Wings


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