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The autumn season brought fresh, rainy days, and a wardrobe that brings some warmth to our wardrobes and everyday combinations, as well as gorgeous fall trends, colors and models. The beginning of the fall season was also the beginning of the autumn edition of our permanent fashion section. 7 Combination for 7 days We take you into the closets of famous Croatian women whose fashion style we love. Over the course of a week and seven combinations, they show us what their week in the closet really looks like, and they show the more real side of fashion that is not only more realistic but also fun and interesting. Their combinations are also combinations we can connect with, imagine, and find the perfect fashion inspiration.

From busy workdays to cozy moments at home, versatile combinations for every fall occasion to casual home prints, in the latest edition of the popular column where she shares her week in the closet with us. singer Nika Turkovic.

A week in Nika Turković’s closet

Accurate In the dark, Raj I Look at meNika Turković brought the refreshment we all wanted to the Croatian music scene. Their songs stand out with their powerful lyrics, a voice that many point to the world, and a melody that quickly catches the ears. Nika won us over with her recognizable fashion style as well as her recognizable musical style that fascinates both the audience and critics.

Her wardrobe is every minimalist’s dream, and clothing combinations are the perfect fashion inspiration for anyone looking for simplicity with a trendy shift. Wow effect. Nika’s favorite fashion names include designer brands such as Jacquemus, Bottega Veneta and The Frankie Shop, as well as popular street brands such as Zara and Arket. However, when we talk about Nika Turković’s style, one name we cannot mention is the Croatian fashion brand Klisab, supported by the talented duo Marko Šabarić and Tomislav Kliškinić. After their first collaboration in a music video for the song In the darkIt was clear that Klisab and Nika were the perfect match. Today, Nikisa’s Klisab models are fashion favorites for both stage and casual outfits.

What does a week look like in Nika’s closet? Neutral colors, modern cuts, dreamy fashion accessories and of course Klisab favorites showed us below with seven outfit combinations!


Simplicity with the addition of trendy sneakers and coffee

Arket T-shirt / Zara pants / adidas sneakers / Jacquemus bag


Klisab is always a good idea

Klisab suit / Proenza Schouler boots


Focus Declaration Blejzer

Klisab blazer / H&M sweater / Re / Done jeans / Proenza Schouler boots / Low Classic bag


Comfortable with a cool sign

Klisab jacket / Frankie Shop T-shirt / Zara pants / & Other Stories boots / Celine sunglasses (Alfa Vision Optics)


Hoodie has never looked so good

Cahun hat / Archet blazer / Zara hoodie / Re / Done jean / Proenza Schouler boots / Jacquemus bag / Bottega Veneta sunglasses (Alfa Vision Optics)


An autumn look created for a pop star

Klisab jacket / Zara bralet top / skirt klisab


Without sunday Comfortable clothes?

Aritizia sweatshirt / Zara shorts

Photo: Nika Turkovic




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