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Our favorite section of 7 combinations in 7 days has already hosted many stylish guests, so each new edition cheers us up again because we know ahead of time that we will see so many great combinations, we are also inspired to design your own style of clothing. From clothes to fashion accessories, women who are the stars of this story unite them in an original way and do it with incredible ease, at least at first glance.

This Sunday we decided to take a look at young influencer Ivana Pirizović’s wardrobe and find out what the last 7 days in her closet looked like.

A week in Ivana Pirizović’s closet

This is no secret Ivana pirizović We have been following him on Instagram for years, and his address on social networks has been and continues to be one of our favorites since the advent of influencers. That’s why we were very happy to hear that he will share 7 combinations with us and our readers in 7 days. Her style is the perfect blend of minimalism and rock chic, and Ivana is also known as an ambassador. fashion brand AldoShoe models that form the backbone of your wardrobe this fall. Take a look at this stylish brunette’s wardrobe below and find inspiration – also essential pieces – for your style in the cold season!


Sandals against the monotony of the new working week

7 combinations in 7 days Ivana Pirizović October 2020.
Aldo Ariana sandals


Transitional business elegance

Aldo Julika boots


Overalls and ankle boots are the perfect combination

Aldo Aurellieflex Lea boots


Great combination with jeans

Aldo Aurellane boots


The weekend is reserved for strong heels

Aldo Naomi čism


Combat boots as a balance against a romantic dress

Aldo Reilly Lea boots


With an emphasis on white sneakers, comfort is in fashion

Photo: Ivana Pirizović

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