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Autumn edition of ours and your favorite fashion department 7 combinations in 7 days continues. There are many reasons we adore this corner so much and enjoy working with women whose style we love. One of them is the reason we started it, and that’s why we show you the other side of fashion in addition to the articles we guide you about the season’s latest models and most desired trends – true but also the most fun and inspiring. Another reason is the opportunity to browse through their wardrobes for a week in the women’s wardrobe with great style and discover their favorite clothing and fashion accessories, among which we often find our new fashion favorites. The third reason is the inspiration their combination gives us and encourages us to always play in our own closets.

In search of a new fashion inspiration, this week we hosted one of the most popular Croatian fashion influencers – Doru Predojevic.

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.

A week in Dora Predojević’s closet

Clothes Dore Predojević they never go unnoticed. Her fashion style is elegant and feminine, but also fun and always keeping up with the latest fashion trends. That’s why her wardrobe is the perfect place to discover the best clothing and fashion accessories, whether you’re looking for elegant classics or effective fashion. Every Dora post Instagram she asks questions about where she found the models she’s wearing and what brands are hiding behind them.

Dora showed us one of her favorite shopping as well as her fall favorites, with seven combinations she chose for a typical autumn week. IN Designer Outlet Croatia Combining hundreds of major fashion brands, Dora found everything for their autumn and winter wardrobes. From Nina West and Corso Roma stores to investment-worthy models like Victoria Beckham blazers and leather shoes and boots, to seasonal favorites like toy coats and trendy knits, to casual classics like adidas sneakers and Levi’s jeans. Besides always finding the best models, Dora always buys thoughtfully and wisely, so she likes to browse Designer Outlet Croatia and take advantage of great offers and discounts that stay there all year round.

What does an autumn week look like in their wardrobe and what clothes and fashion accessories from Croatia Designer Outlet Croatia choose this season? Dora explained this to us in a little fashion diary below – with seven amazing combinations that you’ll definitely want to wear yourself!


Strong business view

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
Victoria Beckham blejzer (Heraldi) 12.100 kn -51%, now 5,929 kn / United Colors of Benetton hlače 449 kn -30%, now 314 kn / Furla peat (Corso Roma) 1885 kn -31%, now 1300 kn / Nine West shoes 679 kn – 60%, now HRK 271.60

Since it is my “day job” with one company, Monday is always a “hit”; meetings and the all-day “mode of work”, so on Mondays you will almost always see me in heels, trousers and jackets. I also like to add something casual like a plain white tee to avoid an overly formal look.


Cozy elegance for another long working day

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.

The week continues with a show tone, the laptop is always with me as I have soap operas to flip and soaps don’t choose the time and place. 🙂 I chose an outfit that I could go to meetings all day without being comfortable again.

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
Burberry pulover (XYZ) 7059 kn -50%, now 3529.50 kn / Burberry Tights (XYZ) 5939 kn -50%, now 2969.50 kn / Nine West shoes 679 kn – 60%, now HRK 271.60


Trendy combination with a retro touch

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
Levi’s shirt (Europa92) 459,00 kn -30%, now 329.00 kn / POLO Ralph Lauren prsluk (Five Star Fashion) 2000.00 kn -30%, now 1400.00 kn / Sometimes torbica (Sportina) 169 kn -30%, now 118.93kn / Levi’s jeans (Europa92) 899,00 kn -33%, now 599.00 kn / Tosca Blu shoes (XYZ) 899 kn – 30%, now HRK 629.30

Well, outfits are getting more comfortable since we’re already in the middle of the week but heels are always somewhere nearby. I love the trend of wearing oversized white shirts and “granddaddy” vests and my jeans fit perfectly!


Sweaters and jeans – the final autumn look

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
POLO Ralph Lauren pulover (Five Star Fashion) 1.400 kn -30%, now 980 kn / Levi’s jeans (European 92) 899 kn – 33%, now 599 kn / Nine Western loafers 699 kn – 30%, now HRK 489.30

This Thursday was a regular Thursday so I picked my top 3 choice of shoes for coffee, moccasins, jeans and a comfortable sweater. I love to color everything with gold jewelery which is always my pick.


Less in the evening edition

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
United Colors of Benetton blejzer 821 kn -64%, now 291 kn / United Colors of Benetton Trousers 329 kn -79%, now 69 kn / Nine West shoes 750 kn – 50% / 375 kn

I chose a suit for the evening event; trousers carrot cut and oversized jacket. I prefer a suit to go out in the winter and I like to wear some kind of bralet underneath and of course I would do nothing without good shoes! Since the heels are already stunning, I decided to color it with matching earrings – less is more!

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.


Cozy and cool for Saturday

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
Springfield toy bonnet (Fifty) 459kn -35%, now 295 kn / Sportina T-shirt 139 kn -50%, now 69.50 kn / Levi’s jeans (Europa92) 899,00 kn -33%, now 599.00 kn / AD20 boots (Corso Roma) 1.116 kn -31%, now 770 kn / Sometimes torbica (Sportina) 240 kn – 50%, now 120 kn

For a short walk in the city, this season I chose a popular print, jeans, toy coat and combat boots t-shirt.


Tracksuits and sneakers are the perfect Sunday uniform

7 combinations in 7 days Dora Predojević November 2020.
adidas men’s tracksuit 699.00kn -30%, now 499.00 kn / adidas men’s sweatpants 599.00kn -30%, now 419.00kn / adidas Yung1 sneakers 849.00kn -77%, now 199.00kn (all adidas Outlet)

Anyone who lives in my neighborhood in Zagreb can only see me in sweatpants on the weekend. Since I work about fifteen hours a week, my weekend is just coffee, Netflix, and chill in the neighborhood. And adidas is always my choice! Yung 1 sneakers are the sneakers of my life, I love these slightly bulkier ‘daddy’ sneakers, so I wouldn’t take them off!

You can find all the clothing and fashion accessories Dora wears here. Designer Outlet Croatia.

Photo: Karmen Poznić


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