6 Hacks New Jeans to Buy without trying them on

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Jeans hack without trial,how to make sure jeans fit without trying them on

6 useful hacks to buy new perfect fit jeans or trouser without waiting outside the trial room

Do you know you can actually tell whether a pair of jeans will suit you perfectly without expecting your turn outside the busy trial room? Regardless of how crazy it sounds, there are some lesser-known tricks that would assist you in seeking out a well-fit jeans pair easily. Today we will share those tips with you so that next time you can confidently shop some right-sized jeans, and you don’t have to waste your time trying them on first.

1. Neck method: Find Right waist Size

How to buy jeans for right waist hack, quick jeans buying jeans hackThe measurement of one’s waist circumference is around double of his or her neck circumference, and it’s true for almost all human beings unless they have any physical deformity. Here’s how to try your jeans on the neck to know if it’s right as per your waist size without wearing them.

  • The jeans need to be buttoned up first.
  • Now, a bit like a necklace, wrap its waist around your neck, either from the back or front side, as you feel comfortable – both work.
  • See if both edges are meeting each other with ease. If the borders are overlapping, then the pair is oversized, and if they are struggling to touch each other, that means you’re about to buy an undersized pair.
  • Please note that this method should be followed with only the regular shaped jeans. It won’t be much helpful for those low rise or high waisted pairs.

    2. Hand method: Use it to confirm your findings from the first hack

    How to measure the perfect pair of jeans without trial, jeans waist fit hackComing to our second method and it will help you to find if the jeans pair will be appropriately fitting, consisting of your waist size . Close your fingers to make a fist and enter the part from the elbow to fist inside the waistline of the buttoned-up jeans. If your hand fits the waist of the jeans comfortably without having to try harder or leaving any gap, then it’s a perfect sized pair.

    3. Shoulder method to measure the hip size: You better not skip on this one!

    How buy jeans that fit properly on hip, hip size hack for jean without trial Have you faced trouble to measure the waist and hip size of your jeans? If you are a woman then it matters a lot more than a man. We have seen that many times our female customers have faced this problem. So if you will try the shoulders method to measure your hip, we sure that you will find a permanent solution without getting trouble.

  • First of all, find and measure the widest part of the pair’s hip.
  • Then determine your shoulder length – the distance from one shoulder to another.
  • Now try to associate both measurements – If they match or the jeans’ hip comes out a bit wider, you will have no problem wearing the pair. Even if the shoulders distance is a little more than the jeans’ hip size, it will still fit well. However, unless you want baggy jeans, avoid the pair if you find its hip size is noticeably larger than your shoulders.
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    4. Hand Method for Right Length

    How to buy jeans for right length without wearing it on,what is the right length for jeans,jeans length hackIt’s of utmost importance to check the length as you don’t want to end up buying a pair shorter than your liking.

    To find if the jeans are provided with the acceptable length, hold both edges and stretch your hand wide the maximum amount as you are capable of comfortably. If you find the center of the pair falling lower than your neck or sitting at your chest, it’s going be lengthier, and you will have to fold it to keep the edges above your shoes. On the other hand, if it’s going over your chin and touching your mouth, the pair is likely to be a shorter one. A perfect length would be something when it barely touches or falls just under your chin.

    5. Abdomen Method to Find Right Waist Size

    How to buy jeans that fit right on waist or abdomen,fashion jeans hack Measure the waist against the length between your navel and backbone.

    6. Hack to find the right size of Bottom Hem for Skinny Jeans

    Skinny jeans won't fit over foot, hack to get skinny jeans on your feetUse the circumference of your clenched wrist to assure a proper fit around your ankles.

    How to know if a pair of jeans will fit without trying them on at the store,jeans trick for perfect fit

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    The tips mentioned above are universally applicable and should work for most people regardless of their race, body type, or height unless, of course, they have any physical asymmetry. Do let us know if you have tried these methods while shopping for your favorite pair of jeans and how did it come along by commenting below.




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