5 Types of Slips for Dresses Every Woman Can Try

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Searching to wear the right fit slips for your dress? Explore 5 different types of slips to wear under your dress and top for comfort and style.

Wearing a slip inside your top or dress solves many fashion woes. A slip makes for a good foundation for wearing a skirt or a dress. It stops the garment from sticking to your body and gives it a proper shape. It is useful in averting a wardrobe malfunction, by adding an extra layer below semi-sheer outfits and also by preventing flowy garments from clinging and getting trapped between your legs.

Types of under slips for dresses, best silk and cotton slips online

There are many types of slips available. Let us throw some light on the different types of slips, and guide you on making an informed purchase.

5 Different Types of Slips for Women to Wear with Dress

  • Full Slip
  • Half Slip
  • Slip Dress
  • Night Slip
  • Camisole
  • Different types of under slips for dresses

    1. Full Slip

    Mini and long slips for dresses, online slips for women

    Full slips cover your torso and your hips completely and extend longer. They hide the panty line and are also great if you don’t want your legs to show through your dress. Full slips come in varying lengths and you can choose one according to the outfit you want to wear it with.

    For Mini Dress

    There are long slips that end above your knees. Make sure the length of the slip is shorter than that of your dress, as both slips and dresses come in varying lengths.

    For Long Dress

    Wear long slips that end a few inches above your ankles. When you wear the slip, your long dress will not get stuck between your legs while walking.

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    2. Half Slip

    Black cotton half slip for girls, sheer half slip for women

    A half-slip is a skirt-like garment that is made of light fabric. It starts at the waist and ends around the knees. It can be worn with sheer skirts for extra comfort or modesty, or with figure-hugging skirts to hide the panty line.

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