24 Types of Pants for Women: Design Names & Pictures

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Types Of Women PantsOnce, Antonio de Saint-Exupéry, an eminent French writing virtuoso, said we could reach the height of perfection not when anything more can be added, but when nothing can be taken away. His power of words still girdles around the hearts of many American fashionistas.

We need to concede that stunning is not always synonymous with complicated. Finding the right pair of pants with that mythical perfect t-shirt becomes overwhelming quickly when we start chasing the mojo of perfection.

So we have done some heavy lifting for you to shortlist these classic cuts of pants. Here is a brief rundown. Let us have a look at these 24 women leg wears are the status symbol of every style and size.

24 Different Types of Female Pants

  • Dress Pants
  • Jeans
  • Culottes
  • Pegged Pants
  • Cigarette Pants
  • Chinos
  • Palazzo
  • Harem Pants
  • Jodhpuri Pants
  • Wide Leg Trouser
  • Drainpipe
  • Leather Pant
  • Bell Bottoms/Flared Pant
  • Baggy Pants
  • Boot Cut Pants
  • Sailor Pants
  • Track Pants/Joggers
  • Leggings
  • Treggings
  • Jeggings
  • Tights
  • Capris
  • Dungarees
  • Skeggings
  • 1. Dress Pants

    plaid dress pants womenThese stunners are the ideal choice for a powerful woman on the go. Dress Pants are crafted from comfortable fabric, and its four-way stretch offers you much-desired freedom of movement. Keep in mind that here the break where your pant leg meets your shoe is the game-changer. Tuck your chic white shirt in this flattering cut, and you are ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

    2. Jeans

    ripped boyfriend jeans pant look for womenA well-fitted pair of jeans has been the de-facto king of women’s legwear for decades. These comfy outfits are leg hugging killers that add the exact amount of ruggedness to your ensemble. The perfect combination of a crop top or a white T-shirt with ripped jeans from Levi’s or Wrangler is enough to steal the spotlight at any party.

    3. Culottes

    white wide leg culottes outfit ideasThis old-school style quotient of European men has now become the updated style game of modern fashionistas. It’s a flared pant that ends below a few inches from your knee and offers you a quirky look. Corporate divas prefer to pair it with a formal t-shirt or smart camisole. 

    4. Pegged Pants

    pegged pants outfit idea The bottoms of this chic got a whole new update. These beauties are loose at your thighs but tapered at the bottom. A trouser like cut at its waist adds an adorable charm to these dressy pants. Complete your sophisticated look with an à la mode denim shirt with a classic pair of sneakers to go.

    5. Cigarette Pants

    best black cigarette pantsThis bobby-dazzler seized its classic name, Cigarette pant, for a reason. These are straight-fit and extremely narrow in size. Venturing your edgy look with a formal t-shirt and stylish sneakers will add some fun. Take on board that no experiment is always considered a fashion crime in this industry.

    6. Chinos

    khaki chinos pants for womenChino is famous for its flattering mid-rise waist, lower than formal trousers, and its slim fit shape. They usually fall at your ankle. But you can always flaunt your creativity by rolling up the button to show a longer break between your shoe and trouser. How can we dodge its iconic khaki color? But modern chinos are outfitted in every shade, including light pink and dark blue.

    7. Palazzo

    black elastic waist palazzo with pocketThese wide-legged charmers are crafted from light fabric and paired with almost everything, including a ritzy t-shirt to a snazzy top or even a camisole. After all, ingenuity never fails to impress, isn’t it? Update your summer style with these voguish and comfortable wardrobe staples.

    8. Harem Pants

    harem pants outfit ideasThis smasher is adored for its perky and gripping features. It grabs attention with its flare look while its bottom is tapered completely. Multiple exclusive designs and eye-catching prints make it a perfect choice for casual occasions. You can easily team it up with an easy-going top and a cutesy sneaker.

    9. Jodhpuri Pants

    khaki jodhpuri pants The name says it all. You can always relish the royal look of the horse riding originated from Rajasthan. These long trousers become tighter as you go down. Its stylish flair and the fit look is enough to take your heart away. Pair it with a pretty fitted top and amend your summer style game to combat blistering heat stylishly.

    10. Wide Leg Trouser

    beige wide leg trouser pant Katherine Hepburn, the diva from the golden age of Hollywood, made wide-leg pants famous. These stunners will give you an era of confident nonchalance. Short-legged women will inevitably fall in love with its leg-lengthening feature while it perfectly fits at the top. Tuck your top and brace it with high heels to create the maximum effect.

    11. Drainpipe

    drainpipe trouser pantThese high-waisted tight skinny jeans are from the golden age of the 1960s when fashionistas and Rock and rollers made it popular. The famous actress Doris Day took these skinnies to the mainstream and made them available for common women. You can flaunt your fashionable look with this voguish IT pant by pairing it with your stylish formal shirt.

    12. Leather Pant

    high waisted black leather pant with beleted loopIf you always fancy giving your outfit a bit oomph, you should go for a pair of leather pants. Fashionistas go Gaga over its figure-hugging nature. Brace it with a crop top, a cute black belt, and a black casual shoe and be the next trendsetter. Fashionistas who are riders by heart, don’t forget your favorite leather jacket from Zara while performing those impressive stunts.

    13. Bell Bottoms/Flared Pant

    solid white mid-rise bell bottom pants The drainpipe was ruling this industry with its Vogue in the 1960s when Bell bottoms hit it hard. High waisted Bell bottom with platform heels elongate your legs with its flared button. Keep it more tailored with a fitted top. A big wedge espadrille looks classic in summer with this vintage beauty, while a chunky bootie is perfect for winter.

    14. Baggy Pants

    killed in baggy pants just like gigi habib used Do you still remember how Gigi Habib used to slay baggy pants? Even the basic colors black and white add a glamorous touch to it. Pair this legwear with a graphic tee for a street stunner look, or go with a formal shirt to rock your office wear. Need a pinch of confidence, and you will become unstoppable.

    15. Boot Cut Pants

    These are perfect for skinny beauties. It will add length to your lower torso and take the attention away from your chicken legs. The best part is these head-turners from Zara, Levi’s, Hollister, H&M, etc., will make you look tall by hugging your thighs tightly and accentuating your better leg parts. Pair this flared bottom pant with classic high heels to impress onlookers with your retro look.

    16. Sailor Pants

    Pair Up White Blouse With Sailor Pant & Get A Minimalist Look These vintage beauties from the nineties will remind you of bell bottoms. Long and white sailor pants come with attached waist buttons in parallel rows, one opposite another. This comfortable high-waist and stylish legwear is the epitome of utter sophistication of the old lion-hearted Navy men.

    17. Track Pants/Joggers

    Turn Your Sporty Look Into Outdoor Style By Pairing Up Your Jogger With Cami Top & Blazer If you are bored with figure-hugging yoga pants, then you can undoubtedly go for a pair of joggers, perfect for your outdoor style. You will not be left all damp anymore after you finish your rigorous workout. Its absorbent and comfortable material makes it a cool clothing staple.

    18. Leggings

    Learn From Kendall Jenner To Flaunt Your LeggingsThe most utilitarian piece you will find in a fashionable woman’s wardrobe. You can wear it in a casual setting where looking slouchy will not cause you anything. On the other hand, pairing it with a stylish skirt and high boots will brilliantly flaunt strength and authority Or you can opt for a pair of high-waisted leggings with an open cardigan and crop-top to keep your street style attire like Kendall Jenner.

    19. Treggings

    Black Slim Fit Treggings With Pockets & Zipper At AmazonTreggings are conceived from the perfect union of leggings and trousers. This stylish hybrid offers great fittings and shape of leggings and the utmost comfortability and ankle-skimming length of a trouser. Its marvelous features include belt loops, back patch pockets, mock zip pockets on the front, buttons, zipper, and rivets. Bountiful shapes and patterns suit your taste and needs. 

    20. Jeggings

    Find Your Perfect Pair of Low-Rise Jeggings with Crop-topWhen the fashion world started craving comfortable jeans, jeggings came into existence. These tight skin beauties are crafted from thicker fabric to support your backside, while the great detailing with pockets and loops adds a dazzling touch to it. Pair these statement pieces with a shorter top to flaunt your sleek and slender look.

    21. Tights

    Top Off Your Look With Sexy Black TightsThe difference between leggings and thighs seems baffling to many fashion buffs. Don’t muddle over these two legwear sensations because there is a thin line between these two. Yes, Thighs are usually crafted from the same stretch material, but these are extended to cover your beautiful feet as well.

    22. Capris

    black capris with pocket These cropped pants stop below your knee and above your ankle. These pants had a bad rap when women complained that capris made their legs look short and fat. Designers started working on it, and nowadays, many flattering variations are up for grabs. Find the right length, and they can do wonders.

    23. Dungarees

    Solid Black Pocket Style Dungree, Baggy Denim OverallDungarees are cute, girly, festive fierce, and office-friendly. These classics have been reimagined with diverse stylish cuts that will make you forget about 90 baggy pieces of denim. Short Dungarees are perfect for your summer vogue, while the high-waisted ones are created to rock your 9 to 5 style points. When the temperature drops, you can add a biker jacket with white trainers.

    24. Skeggings

    black skeggings for womenSkeggings are the new style alternative for fashion buffs. The perfect combination of the smooth silhouette of leggings and exclusive style create a Girl-Next-Door-look. But the center stage is grabbed by its ultimate coverage and the super cuteness of a skirt. This outfit is modest enough to pair with stylish tops that hit above your hips.

    All these trendy bottoms make your outfit glance stunning. Whatever you choose, be ready to receive uncountable compliments from the observers. Pick the best one that suits your body type and flaunt your spirit with style.

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