24 Types of Camisole Slip Designs: Buy Cami Tops, Built-in Bra & Lingerie

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24 Types of Camisole Slip Designs: Buy Cami Tops, Built-in Bra & Lingerie

A camisole or a cami is sleeveless innerwear that ends around your waist. The extra layer of camisole below your clothing gives a smooth silhouette to your outfit, absorbs sweats on a sultry day, and prevents harsh fabrics from irritating your skin.

Camis come in multiple variants, and each style has a different purpose; you can select one according to your outfit, your activity level, or aesthetic reasons. Let us tell you about each style and its specific functions that satisfy your different styling needs.

24 Different Types of Camisole for Women

  • Built-in Self Bra Camisole
  • Shapewear Camisole
  • Wide Strap Camisole
  • Reversible Camisole
  • Sports Bra Style Camisole
  • Camisole with adjustable straps
  • Long Tunic Camisole
  • Loose Camisole
  • Molded Cup Camisole
  • Babydoll Camisole
  • Racerback Camisole
  • Nursing Cami
  • UV Protective Cami
  • Convertible Cami
  • Maternity Cami
  • Junior Camisole
  • Mini Camisole
  • Tube Crop Camisole
  • Plus size Camisole
  • Push-up Camisole
  • High Low Camisole
  • Open Back Camisole
  • Front Zipper Camisole
  • Camisole Top
  • 1. Built-in Self Bra Camisole

    Padded camisoles with built in bra

    Be it called padded camisole or camisole with shelf bra, it has an elasticated band that provides light support to your breasts. Padded camis is the best alternative to a bra if you are searching to hide nipples without wearing a bra and also ideal to wear if you are not doing any intense activity.

    2. Shapewear Camisole

    Shapewear camisole with built in bra

    This camisole flattens your tummy and smoothens your curves to give you a slimmer look.

    Recommended Shapewear Camisoles For You

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    3. Wide Strap Camisole

    Wide strap camisole with built in bra and tops

    It’s a camisole with wider straps, rather than the usual spaghetti ones. It resembles a tank top.

    Recommended Wide Strap Camisoles For You

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    4. Reversible CamisoleSatin silk and lace reversible camisole, cross lace cami online

    A camisole that you can turn inside out and wear again! The two sides have different prints, so you get to enjoy more than one style in one camisole.

    5. Sports Bra Style Camisole

    Best sports bra style camisoles online

    Consider a sports bra with extra fabric covering parts of your torso. This one is great for extra support during a workout.

    6. Camisole with adjustable strapsCheap adjustable spaghetti strap camisole

    Loose straps falling off your shoulders might often irritate you. This camisole solves the problem as you can adjust its straps for a proper fit.

    7. Camisole Dress

    Tunic length camisoles, tunic cami with shelf bra online

    Be it called a camisole dress or long tunic camisole, it is a hip-length or knee-length camisole that you can wear underneath a dress or a skirt-blouse combination. Wear this cami if your entire outfit is a bit sheer and you want extra coverage.

    8. Loose Camisole

    Loose fitting cotton camisole, swing camisole

    It doesn’t cling to your body and lets your skin breathe. Loose camisoles can also be styled as outerwear for casual purposes. Cami top with lace fabric or lace trims decorations are more trending nowadays.

    Recommended Loose Camisoles For You

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    9. Molded Cup Camisole

    Plus size molded cup cotton camisole online

    If you don’t want to wear a bra beneath a camisole but concerned about sagging breasts, these camisoles are meant for you. The molded cups are seamless and made out of a single material, hence no jarring seam lines would show through your outfit.

    10. Babydoll Camisole

    Silk and satin babydoll camisoles online

    A short camisole that defines that cleavage but falls loosely on the rest of the torso. It often comes in fancy designs that can enhance your sex appeal. It’s a must choice for every women’s sleepwear wardrobe essential.

    Recommended Babydoll Camisoles For You

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    11. Racerback CamisoleRacerback camisole with built in bra

    Racerback is a popular style in which there is a central strap at the back that diverges into a Y or V shape between the shoulder blades and then extends over the shoulders on both sides of the neck.

    Recommended Racerback Camisoles For You

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    12. Nursing Cami

    Nursing cami with built-in bra, clip down nursing tank tops

    A camisole that lets you nurse your baby without the hassle of taking the sleeves off.

    13. UV Protective Cami

    Uv protective camisole online

    They are made of fabric that protects your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    14. Convertible CamiCheap multiway convertible cami online

    You can modify the neckline or the straps and enjoy multiple looks with one versatile cami.

    15. Maternity Cami

    Best maternity camisole with built in bra

    Maternity camis have the flexibility and comfort to support a growing body during pregnancy.

    16. Junior Camisole

    Cotton junior camisoles online

    A junior camisole is designed to suit the physique of young girls. It is comfortable to wear to school or during playtime.

    17. Mini Camisole

    Best mini camisole bra online

    It is basically a light-support bra with camisole-like straps and neck. Wear it on days when you don’t want the constrictions of a more structured bra.

    18. Tube Crop Camisole

    Buy tube crop camisoles

    An off-shoulder camisole that ends a bit higher on your abdomen.

    19. Plus size Camisole

    Plus size camisoles with built in bra

    These camisoles are designed to give support and coverage to a curvy body.

    20. Push-up Camisole

    Push up bra cami online

    It has an in-built push-up bra, which enhances and defines your cleavage.

    21. High Low Camisole

    High low hem camisoles online

    The high-low fashion trend made its way into camisoles as well. You can easily find camisoles with an uneven or irregular hemline; the design has more to do with aesthetics and less with utility.

    22. Open Back Camisole

    Best strappy back top camisoles online, cheap open back camisoles

    Do you want a seductive camisole that you can wear to soar the temperatures? You can go for an open back camisole, which is a sexy camisole top with an open, revealing back.

    23. Front Zipper Camisole

    Front closure camisole, surgical camisoles online

    A camisole with a zip closure on the front that makes it easy to wear for women with limited mobility. Usually, the front zipper design is suitable and comfortable for women who are recovering from surgery, as it has a place to hold a drainage pouch.

    24. Camisole TopLace camisole top with built in bra, best camisole tops online

    The camisoles have a stylish look, hence it was no surprise that they made their way into outerwear. Cami tops come in several styles, like tassel hem cami, twist front cami, ruched bust cami, bustier cami, drawstring cami, tie knot cami, asymmetric hem cami, cutout cami, release-buckle cami, surplice cami, laser-cut cami, appliques cami, sequined camisole, rib-knit cami top, bandana cami.

    Recommended Padded Camisole Tops For You

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    Add a hint of sophistication to your attire by wearing a camisole underneath. By choosing a suitable one, ease your worries and enjoy the coverage and soft comfort provided by a camisole.


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