21 Types of Gloves In Fashion

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Gloves refer to protective gear which is used for keeping our hands buffered from mud, cold, burns sweat, and sharp objects. But over time, it has evolved into a distinct fashion accessory that can alleviate your overall appearance.
Different types of gloves and their names with images, work safety glovesToday we are going to go through some of the popular glove types so that you can easily choose the one which suits you best.

21 Different Types of Gloves and their uses

1. Fabric Gloves
2. Coated Fabric Gloves
3. Leather Gloves
4. Surgical Gloves
5. Kevlar Gloves
6. Impact Resistant Gloves
7. Motorcycling Gloves
8. Cycling Glove
9. Waterproof Gloves
10. Winter Gloves
11. Leather Gloves
12. Fingerless Gloves
13. Shower Mitt
14. Fur-Lined Gloves
15. Golf Gloves
16. Convertible Gloves
17. Weightlifting Gloves
18. Garden Gloves
19. Food Servicing Gloves
20. Ski Gloves
21. Baking Glove

1. Fabric Gloves

Fabric gloves,fabric gloves protect against dirt,online fabric glovesTake up general work with fabric gloves made out of suede, cotton, nylon, spandex, jersey or wool. These gloves offer safety from splinters and minor scrapes. They are mostly sported by butlers and are not well suited for civilian life.

Fabric: Cotton, Cotton duck, Suede, Jersey, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Terry Cloth, Wool
Best Paired with: Denim, Leather Jacket, Flannel Shirt, Uniform, Trench coat, Overcoat
Utilization: Protect hands from dirt & debris, General Task, Cleaning & Sweeping, Multi-Purpose, Protection in moderate heat environments, Culinary
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Etsy.com, Premiersafety.com, Walmart.com, Quill.com

2. Coated Fabric Gloves

General construction, material handling, types of gloves used in industry

If you want a wee-bit more protection compared to the non-coated fabric gloves, then you need to pick up the coated ones. They can keep you safe from cuts, punctures, and chemical impacts. The most popular coating types are PVC, Nitrile, and polyurethane and you need to choose the one which can serve you well in your particular job.

Coating: Nitrile, PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber, Latex
Fabric: Polyester, Knit, Cotton Canvas, Terry Acrylic, Nylon, Cotton
Best Paired with: Uniform, Gilet, Dungaree, Safety Jackets
Utilization: Resist to Punctures tears & cuts, Industrial applications, maintenance, automotive, handling oil, grease, animal fats, solvents, Material Handling, General Construction, Assembly, Heating, Venting, Air conditioning, Abrasion Resistance, Flexibility & High Dexterity, Handling oily/wet and slippery objects, Workshop, Garage Work, Snow Shoveling, House chores, Light Duty Tasks, Feeding & Weeding, Excellent grip, Fishing, Electrical, Warehousing
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Us-m.pipglobal.com, Mscdirect.com

3. Leather Gloves

Leather fashion gloves for motorcycle, insulated,outdoor leather glovesWhen it comes to insulation, grip, and durability, nothing can match up to the unbridled potential of leather gloves. A higher level of thickness helps them in offering greater protection when compared to regular gloves. However, you need to refrain from exposing them to high temperatures as these gloves tend to crack, dry up, and shrivel on the same.

Fabric: Leather, Genuine Leather, Synthetic Leather, Wool
Best Paired with: Biker Jacket, Wool Coat, Vest, Trench coat, Dresses, Skirt Suit, Evening gown  
Utilization: Welding, Driving, Riding, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Cold weather, Outdoor Sports, Snow Blowing, Snow Shoveling, Sporting Events, Fashion
Websites to Buy: Etsy.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com

4. Surgical/Medical Gloves

Types of surgical medical plastic gloves,disposable latex gloves used in hospitals  Medical laboratories mostly use these types of form-fitting gloves which can safeguard your skin from harsh chemicals, biohazards, and other harmful substances. The thin and flexible nature of these gloves might not serve you well while dealing with heated objects. They are mostly manufactured using plastic, latex, rubber, vinyl, and nitrile.

Fabric: Latex, Rubber, Plastic, Nitrile, Vinyl
Best Paired with: Apron, Robe, Gilet, Shirt, Uniform, Safety Jackets, Overall, Tops, Dresses
Medical  Settings & Examination, Laboratories, Food Processing, Repairs, Hair Care, Pet Care, Gardening, Painting,  Auto Care, Mining, Construction work, Toxic chemical & industrial work, PPE
Websites to Buy: Etsy.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, ebay.com

5. Kevlar Gloves

Cut resistant,tactical, puncture resistant gloves used in industry Industrial situations call for Kevlar gloves which possess a high durability ranking. They are crafted using lightweight materials that allow adequate movability and robust hand protection from cuts, heat, and punctures. High-performance jobs like oyster shucking, motorcycle riding, etc. require these kinds of gloves.

Fabric: Kevlar
Best Paired with: Apron, Gilet, Shirt, Safety Jackets, Overall, Tees, Tops, Dresses
Utilization: Flame, heat and cut resistant, High-performance activities, Tactical work, Motorcycle riding, Oyster Shucking, Cutting, Cooking, Woodworking, Carving, Camping, Metal applications, Automotive assembly, Abrasion-resistant, Material Handling, Glass Handling Operations, Fishing Industries, Sanitation, General Maintenance, Recycling, Construction, Industries , PPE
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Magidglove.com, Envirosafetyproducts.com, Safetysmartgear.com

6. Vibration-Resistant/Impact-Resistant Gloves

Anti vibration impact resistant safety glovesThese gloves are worn for minimizing the impact of extended vibration by hindering the free transfer of energy generated by vibrating tools to your hands. They are mostly used in the fields of automotive, fabrication, construction, etc. where vibrating tools are used for prolonged time spans.

Fabric: Neoprene, PU, Nylon, Polyester, TPR, EVA, Spandex, PVC, Nitrile, Kevlar
Best Paired with: Gilet, Shirt, Safety Jackets, Overall, Tees, Tops, Dresses
Utilization: Cut & tear resistant, Puncture & Impact resistant, Oil & water repellent, High Abrasion, Rescue & Extrication, Oil & Gas Mining, Heavy Construction, Repairing, PPE
 Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, ebay.com, Mechanix.com

7. Motorcycling Gloves

Summer motorcycle gloves, protective driving glovesWhenever you are riding a motorcycle, wearing gloves can keep your precious hands protected from cuts and bruises. They are usually manufactured using Kevlar, leather, Cordura, microfiber, lycra, EVA, neoprene, and denim. These gloves look best when worn with a leather jacket or motorcycle jacket and can also keep your back in outdoor sports and hunting.

Fabric: Leather, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Cordura, Lycra, PU, Microfiber, Neoprene, EVA, Denim
Best Paired with: Motorcycle Jacket, Leather Jacket
Sport Riding, Motorcycling, Cycling Gloves, Work Gloves, Hunting & Shooting Gloves, Outdoor Sports, Mountain Biking
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Harley-davidson.com, Racerglovesusa.com, Walmart.com

8. Cycling Glove

Full finger cycling gloves for hand numbnessFabric: Elastane, Gel, Leather, Polyester, Fleece, Neoprene, Microsuede, Leather, Pu, Polyamide, Terry Cloth
Best Paired with:
T-Shirts, Cycling Shorts
Road Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Downhill Mountain Biking, Driving, Night Riding, PPE
Websites to Buy:
Amazon.com, Rei.com, Competitivecyclist.com, Handskegloves.com, Giro.com

These gloves are worn by cyclists residing in extremely cold environments as they help in keeping their hands warm. Sudden road shocks and persistent pressure against the handlebars inflicts a lot of stress on the cyclist’s hands. A cycling glove can keep you protected from all adverse stimuli so that you can undertake downhill mountain biking, outdoor sports, road cycling, night riding, and driving.

9. Waterproof Gloves/GORE-TEX Gloves

Waterproof gloves, gore tex , skiing, hiking and rain glovesThe GORE-TEX gloves make use of cutting-edge technology in delivering windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable solutions for undertaking heavy-duty operations requiring more tactility and dexterity such as construction work, skiing, ranching, farming, etc. These gloves look best when worn with the insulated vest, down jacket, fleece coat, or ski jacket.

Fabric: Nylon, Polyester, Fleece, Faux Leather
Best Paired with: Ski Jacket, Down Jacket, Insulated Vest, Fleece Coat
Utilization: Outdoors, Snow, Skiing & Hiking, Weather protection, Insulation, Construction, Demolition, Farming, Maintenance, Ranching
Websites to Buy
: Walmart.com, Macys.com, Rei.com, Amazon.com, Dickssportinggoods.com, Gore-tex.com

10. Winter Gloves

Knitted winter gloves for cold weather,thermal gloves

Harsh winters can abrade your skin and a durable glove made of Polyester, Leather, Suede, Fleece, Nylon, Pvc, Wool, Spandex, Thinsulate, Latex, Knit, Acrylic and Pu can protect you from the same. While retaining the warmth of your hands even when the mercury dips dangerously, these gloves make sure that your hand doesn’t feel all smelly and sweaty along the way.

Fabric: Fleece, Suede, Leather, Polyester, Pu, Spandex, Acrylic, Wool, Nylon, Knit, Latex, Pvc, Thinsulate
Best Paired with: Jersey, Sweater, Parka, Ponchos, Wool Coat, Trench Coat, Overcoat
Utilization: Outdoor Activities, Insulation, Skiing & Hiking, Racing, Fishing, Motorcycling, Hunting, Climbing, Running, Sledding, Construction, Utilities, Cold storage, Agriculture, Logistics, Warehousing, Offshore, Winter
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Rei.com,Magidglove.com, ebay.com, Refrigiwear.com, Wellslamontindustrial.com

11. Daywear Leather Gloves and Suede Gloves

Best leather insulated gloves, fashion suede gloves online  These snug-fit gloves can serve as a match made in heaven for your business to wear sported during the daytime. They are very popular during the autumn months where there is a slight chill in the air. The suede or leather gloves can also keep you protected from contamination which is often associated with public transport.

Fabric: Crocheted cotton, Cotton, Leather, Wool, Acrylic, Tweed, Suede, Lace, Silk, Velvet, Cotton, Tulle
Best Paired with: Polo shirt, Lounge Coat, Waistcoat, Leather Jacket, Cape, Skirt Suit, Tube Dress, Ball Gown
Utilization: Protect hands from dirt & debris, General Task, Shooting, Multi-Purpose, Protection in moderate heat environments, Great for to any uniform, Dance or theatre performance, Halloween costume, Themed party, Driving, Gardening, Cycling, Formal Wedding, Black Tie Events, Evening dress, Everyday wear, Fashion
Websites to Buy: etsy.com, Amazon.com, Gentlemansgazette.com

12. Fingerless Gloves

Best fingerless tactical gloves Just as the name suggests, these gloves are devoid of any fingers and are specially designed for offering dexterity to the fingers. These gloves are frequently sported by military persons and police snipers who often have to pull the trigger at moment’s notice.

Fabric: Nylon, Microfiber, Carbon Fiber, Viscose, Polyester
Best Paired with: Gilet, Biker Jacket, Leather Jacket, Denim Jacket, T-shirt, Cycling Short, Shacket
Utilization: Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Military Force, Mountain Biking, Driving, Archery, Cycling, Climbing, Hiking, Tactical, Farming
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Armynavysales.com, Sportsmansguide.com

13. Exfoliating Mitt/Bath Mitt/Shower Mitt

Exfoliating mitt,bath mitt,shower mitt,exfoliating mitt for legsIf you want to attain glowing skin, then you need to bring home the exfoliating gloves. These are made up of natural cellulose, nylon, sisal, viscose, polyester, and bast fibers. They are extremely helpful in exfoliating dead skin cells while showering.

Fabric: Sisal, Nylon, Fiber, Hemp, Natural Cellulose, Bast fibers, Linen, Polyester, Viscose
Utilization: Bathing, Showering, Exfoliating layers of dead skin
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Etsy.com, Bbelk.com

14. Fur-Lined Gloves

Faux fur lined winter glovesIf you are not a big fan of simple woolen mittens, then you can opt for the fur-lined gloves which can tag along with a formal flair to your appearance. They are made out of lamb Nappa, leather, fur, shearling, polyester, and cashmere fabric which helps in providing sufficient protection from the cold.

Fabric: Fur, Leather, Wool,  Lamb Nappa, Cashmere, Shearling, Polyester
Best Paired with: Shirt, Sweater,  Suit, Blazer, Sports Jacket, Wool coat, Top, Dresses, Skirt  Suit
Utilization: Outdoor Activities, Insulation, Skiing & Hiking, Racing, Fishing, Motorcycling, Hunting, Running, Sledding, Utilities, Warehousing, Offshore
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Etsy.com, Macys.com, Forzieri.com

15. Golf Gloves

Most durable golf gloveThe game of golf requires a firm grip and that is exactly what a pair of golf gloves can guarantee you. They help in keeping our hands dry even when it is drizzling. The friction created by these gloves made using leather, nylon, elastane, spandex, and similar fabrics can help you easily excel at the game. These gloves are also known to prevent blisters that occur when you hold the golf club too tightly.

Fabric: Spandex, Leather, Cabretta  Leather, Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, Elastane
Best Paired with: Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Top, Breeches, Gilet
Utilization: Golf, Sport Events
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Pgatoursuperstore.com, Dickssportinggoods.com, Tgw.com, Gfore.com

16. Convertible Gloves

Fishing and hunting insulated winter glovesHaving trouble accessing your smartphone while wearing gloves? Opt for the convertible ones which can keep your hands buffered from harsh winters while also converting into the fingerless variety whenever you wish to use your phone. These are mostly made out of wool, fleece, spandex, leather, and polyester fabric.

Fabric: Leather, Fleece, Wool, Polyester, Spandex
Best Paired with: Shirts, Tees, Jersey, Sweater, Parka, Ponchos, Wool Coat, Trench Coat, Overcoat
Utilization: Outdoor Activities, Insulation, Skiing & Hiking, Racing, Fishing, Motorcycling, Hunting, Climbing, Running, Sledding, Construction, Utilities, Cold storage, Agriculture, Logistics, Warehousing, Offshore, Texting, Phone Calls, Driving, Working Outside, Winter
Websites to Buy: Marmot.com, ebay.com, Overstock.com, Acorn.com, Lyst.com, Thewarmingstore.com

17. Weightlifting Gloves

Best workout gym gloves

Weightlifters often sport a specialized type of gloves which offer them a better grip while handling weights. This also brings down the chances of succumbing to injuries if the weights fall down accidentally due to sweaty palms. They also make working out a comfortable experience by keeping our skin buffered from the cold metal weight while offering adequate support to our wrist.

Fabric: Neoprene, Microfibers, Lycra, Terry Cloth
Best Paired with: T-Shirts, Track Suit, Tank Tops, Active Shorts, Racerback Bra, Sports  Top
Utilization: Cross Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Olympic lifts, PPE
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Underarmour.com, Roguefitness.com, Meisterelite.com

18. Garden Gloves

Best gardening gloves onlineGardeners have to frequently deal with water and mud which tends to damage their nails and skin. Wearing a pair of garden gloves can keep your hands protected from splinters and even prevent infection which occurs when soil and germs come in direct contact with your cuts. These gloves are usually made out of Polyester, Nitrile Rubber, Cotton duck, Aramid, PVC, etc.

Fabric:  PVC, Cotton duck, Leather, Jersey, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Terry Cloth, Nitrile Rubber, Aramid
Best Paired with: Shirt, T-shirts, Vest, Tank Tops, Shorts, Shift dress
Utilization: Protect hands from dirt & debris, General Utility, Cleaning & Sweeping, Multi-Purpose, Raking leaves, Plant care, Water resistance, Protect against thorny plants, Maintenance, Digging, Harrow, Farming, PPE
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Walmart.com

19. Food Servicing Gloves

Food grade gloves,food processing disposable gloves

The gloves are manufactured by keeping in mind public health and food quality. We make use of our hands while preparing food and this can open the floodgates for bacteria to contaminate the food items. Wearing gloves on the other hand can prevent the spread of such bacteria and is thus used in the hospitality sector. Generally they are disposable.

Fabric: Vinyl, Polyethylene, Latex, Nitrile
Best Paired with: Shirt, T-shirts, Apron, Tank Tops, Shift dress
Utilization:  Foodservice, Cooking Applications, Counter Tasks, Dish Washing, Party beverage use, Hair salon, Janitorial, General Use, Manufacturing, Light industrial applications, PPE
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Uline.com, Glovenation.com, Equippers.com

20. Ski Gloves/Guide Gloves/ Snowboard Gloves

Snowboard gloves online, best ski gloves for cold handsSkiing is a popular winter activity. Nonetheless, the number of accidents associated with this sport also runs high, creating the need for padded gloves which can break your fall. Fabrics like Polyurethane, Polyester, Neoprene, Rubber, Nylon, Elastane, Polyamide, EVA, Leather, and Thinsulate go into the composition of these gloves which looks elegant when paired with ski jackets, insulated jackets, down jackets, parka, t-shirts or windcheaters.

Fabric: Leather, Nylon, EVA, Thinsulate, Neoprene, Polyamide, Polyurethane, Elastane, Rubber, Polyester
Best Paired with: T-shirts, Outdoor wear, Parka, Wind Cheater, Insulated Jacket, Ski Jacket, Down Jacket
Utilization:   Surfing, Skiing, Hiking, Climbing, PPE 
Websites to Buy: Rei.Com, Dickssportinggoods.com, The-house.com, ebay.com, Roxy.com, Evo.com, Amazon.com

21. Oven Gloves/Oven Mitt/Baking Glove

Oven baking mitt, heat resistant oven gloves

Working in the kitchen can make our hands vulnerable to various heated surfaces like cookware, stoves, and ovens. An oven glove becomes essential in such a scenario as it offers protection from high heat. These are mostly made up of kevlar, polyester, silicone, cotton, neoprene, and nomex fabrics.

Fabric: Cotton, Silicone, Kevlar, Nomex, Polyester, Neoprene
Best Paired with: T-shirts, Shirt, Apron, Tops, Shift Dress
Utilization:  Protect the wearer’s hand from hot objects such as ovens, stoves, Cookware, PPE
Websites to Buy: Amazon.com, Etsy.com, Walmart.com, Wayfair.com, Bagsoflove.com

Gloves have evolved over time for catering to the varied requirements of men. Be it protection from harsh weather, vibrating equipment, or cuts, gloves are slowly turning into a must-have accessory of modern times.




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