13 Worst Things Could Happen When You wear Yoga Pants Without Panty

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No matter what, it’s imperative for a woman to make sure her wardrobe is in place. Wearing no underwear under yoga pants or workout leggings may sound a little unthinkable to many women, but many of them go commando. Yes, it is a little irritating to wear your thong, g-string, or spandex due to the itchiness it causes, but many things can go wrong if you wear yoga pants without panty.

Take a look at those reasons that can happen if you skip wearing your panty under yoga pants:

1. All your sweat will be absorbed by your pants, which will make stains on them.

2. Your pants will stink of your sweat.

3. There are high chances of any sort of allergy or infection.

4. Loads of laundry.

5. During periods there will be more hassles.

6. Risk of chafing.

7. Without a panty, you might get overexposed in your yoga pants.

8. Discharge from Vagina will create a lot of problems.


9. Panties are better since it absorbs all kinds of vaginal fluids or urine.

10. Wearing yoga pants without a panty is not hygienically recommended.

11. Your vaginal hair will be exposed.

12. Panty always gives an extra layer of protection at a time of male harassment.

13. Not easy to hide Camel Toes without panty in yoga pant





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