11 Easy and Practical Hairstyles You Can Make Yourself

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When you suddenly want to go out, it will be annoying to do so with your messy hair. When you stay in this situation, you will need to know a comfortable, practical and easy hairstyle. This practicality will most likely save your life. If you do not have enough information on this subject or if you are tired of always making the same hairstyle, we will try to give you information about 11 different hair styles that you can easily do. You always have the chance to apply one of these models to your hair.

  • Daily Bun Model

  • Günlük Topuz Modeli Daily Bun Model

    You have to start by turning it right. Then you need to combine it into a bun. As you can see in the picture, when it comes to a ponytail, you have to throw it in and pull it from above. Finally, you need to bury it between the hair and keep it boring so that it does not sag. This way, you can quickly reach the model.

  • The Messy Ponytail Model

  • Dağınık At Kuyruğu Modeli The Messy Ponytail Model

    ​​The Messy Horsetail Model is one of the easiest models to apply to the hair. You can go out by applying this model to your hair in 8 simple steps. While this model will help you not to compromise on your elegance, you will not have to deal with your hair for hours. A comb will help you in creating this model.

  • Knit Bun Model

  • Örgü Topuz Modeli Knit Bun Model

    ​​One of the hair models that you can easily apply to your hair is the braid bun model. First, you should divide your hair into four different sections and start by knitting it down thickly. Then, you can fasten the braid so that it goes into your hair and fasten it with a hairpin.

  • Ponytail Model

  • At Kuyruğu Modeli Horsetail Model

    ​​Among the models that can be easily applied to the hair, horse tail is always the first choice for women. After all the hair is collected, you can reach this model by holding your hair with a barrette on the head. If you have straight and long hair, this model will always be your choice.

  • Stylish Half Bun Model

  • Şık Yarım Topuz Modeli Stylish Half Bun Model

    ​​Although it is a simple model, as well as everyday life. You have the chance to use it in many events such as prom, graduation ceremony. While doing this model, you should start by tying a curl that you will get from each side of your hair. Then, after twisting it outward, you need to collect it in the middle. You complete the knitting by reinforcing it with a clasp. You can easily apply the stylish half bun model to your hair by looking at the picture.

  • Double Bun Model

  • Çift Topuz Modeli Double Bun Model

    ​​If you want your hair to be collected and want a sporty look, you can choose a double bun model. It is a practical hairstyle. In order to apply this model, the hair is first split in the middle and then attached to both sides with a rubber clip. It is then rolled up and collected at the top. Finally, it is fixed in place with the help of a compressor. It is possible to reach the double bun model easily by making the same application on each side of the hair. Women who want to apply this model can achieve it by applying the steps in the picture in order.

  • Nape Ponytail Model

  • Ensede At Kuyruğu Modeli Nape Horsetail Model

    ​​One of the practical and easy hair models. It is a horse tail model collected at the neck. It is possible to implement this model simply. First, the hair is grabbed from the nape and divided into three as right, left and there. Then the hair on the right and left are combined in the middle and collected. You can have a comfortable and nice ponytail that hangs down from the neck after being tied together comfortably. This model is preferred by women because it is simple and easy to apply.

  • Lightly Wavy Hairstyle

  • Hafif Dalgalı Saç Modeli Light Wavy Hairstyle

    It is both practical and If you want to have a beautiful appearance, you can choose a wavy hairstyle. You need a curling iron to apply this style to your hair. With the tongs, you can leave your hair back with a light wave, except for parts. If you want, you can do it with one or two parts or you can apply this model to your hair with one piece. During the application, you should first bring your hair to a ponytail, and leave it back after turning it with a tong. This will give you a natural wavy look.

  • Knuckled Horsetail Model

  • Boğumlu Atkuyruğu Modeli Knotted Horsetail Model

    ​​There are many horsetail models that you can apply to your hair easily and practically. One of these models is the knotted model that will save your life as in the others. When starting this model, it is first started to make a normal horsetail. Then the hair is tied at several points and knuckles are formed. Although it is recommended that you determine the distance of these knuckles yourself, it is usually sufficient for a 2 or 3 knuckle model to emerge. You can have a model suitable for your hair by expanding the parts in the middle after making knuckles.

  • Princess Ribbon Model

  • Prenses Kurdelesi Modeli Princess Ribbon Model

    ​​She wants to have a simple, easy hairstyle. At the same time, if you do not want to compromise your ladylikeness, the princess ribbon model will be the right choice for you. You can easily own this model by following the steps you will see in the picture. You can go to your friends immediately by applying a comfortable outfit, sneakers and this model to your hair. Although the application of the model is very simple, the resulting great result will please you.

  • Knitted Nape Bun Model

  • Örgülü Ense Topuz Modeli Knitted Nape Bun Model

    ​​The 10 models above are for you. If not enough, the last model you can apply will be the knitted nape bun model. To make this model, you have to divide your hair in half and hold the strands as right and left. After knitting both sides tightly, you need to tie the knits together in the middle. You should continue the binding process until your hair is gathered in the middle. This will be with one or two weddings depending on the length of the hair. Finally, you can end the process by attaching the ends to be left outside inside the hair so that they are not visible in the middle.

    The common point of all these hair models you read in our article is that they can be applied to the hair within minutes. You also have the opportunity to apply it at any time by choosing one of these models easily.




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