10 Best Butt Scrunch Leggings to Lift Bum in Shape

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The bootylicious Kardashians with their sexy derriere have made bums the biggest sensation in the fashion circuit. This is why more and more social media influencers can be seen working extra hard to display the rear assets in full glory. If you are trying to seek out the perfect blend of fashion and functionality, then you need to invest in a high waisted scrunch bum leggings.

Butt scrunch bum gym leggings

Its unique shape enhances your butt while providing adequate support to take you through those gruelling gym workouts. The secret to Brazilian scrunch leggings lies in its gathered seam which creates a push-up effect for highlighting your curves. Booty scrunch leggings can make your bum look more bountiful and are the best choice for everyday summer wear. You can easily hit the running track, beach, or mall in style with the top scrunch butt leggings listed below.

1. Seasum High Waist Tummy Control Butt Lift Booty Leggings

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The high waist scrunch leggings from SEASUM is crafted using a blend of polyester and spandex to render a seamless look. This anti-cellulite activewear can lift up your booty while covering up your flaws. The quick-drying and moisture-wicking attributes of these textured leggings make them feel plush against the skin. The lightweight comfort offered by these yoga leggings is ideal for being worn to daily leisure places, outdoor sports activities, and gym Pilates studio.

2. Aimilia High Waisted Butt Lifting Anti Cellulite Tummy Control Sexy Tights

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The butt-lifting leggings by AIMILIA are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are searching for an affordable and accessible option. These anti-cellulite leggings feature a customized design and render a comfortable feel by keeping your skin buffered from all probabilities of chaffing or irritation. You can sport these leggings to your regular workout sessions as its unique hip design contours to your natural curves and delivers a sensuous butt-lifting effect. The leggings are crafted using premium-grade polyester and spandex which can deliver maximum comfort while removing moisture from your body.

3. Gillya Booty High Waisted Ruched Butt Lift Textured Scrunch Yoga Pants

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Your search for the best scrunch leggings ends with the lightweight yoga pants by GILLYA which feels like a second skin courtesy its dry wicking fabric. Nailing a streamlined look becomes an absolute cakewalk with these ruched leggings which feature interlock seams for eliminating chafing and reducing irritation. This squat proof activewear delivers top-notch coverage especially when you engage in bending and lifting at the gym. The 4-way stretch material completely conceals cellulite or dimples to make your back section look as juicy as a peach. An improved waistband delivers high waist tummy control for a more elegant look.

4. Fittoo Booty Slimming Brazillian Scrunch Workout Leggings

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Add an extra dose of style to your workout sessions with the push up scrunch back leggings of FITTOO. It inculcates a unique blend of spandex and polyamide which feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The sexy honeycomb construction can make your butt look super sexy with its slimming attributes. You can wear it at daily events or while gearing up for fitness sports like cycling, jogging, gym training, weight lifting, and many more.

5. Meilidress Ruched Butt Lifting High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings

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Impart a sexy butt lift to your figure with these ruched gym leggings featuring a cheeky Colombian style. Its back fold design can make your butts look more voluptuous while camouflaging the flabby regions for a more natural look and feel. The tummy control yoga pants are crafted using stretchy and moisture-wicking ultra-soft fabric which inflicts the right amount of pressure for tummy control. You can sport these wrinkle-resistant yoga pants to your upcoming workout sessions while pairing it up with crop tops, blouse, t-shirts, ankle booties, or smocking shoes.

6. Hioinieiy Scrunch Booty Enhancing Push Up Yoga Pants with Pockets

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Show off your shapely assets to the world with the high waist push up leggings by Hioinieiy. These scrunch bum yoga pants can accentuate your features while camouflaging the problem zones for a seamless look. Its four-way stretch fabric offers a maximum level of flexibility so that you can stretch out your legs while burning off those extra carbs at the gym. The booty enhancing leggings are crafted using a special fabric having moisture-wicking technology to deliver a super comfortable wearing experience.

7. Seasum Anti Cellulite Textured Butt Lifting Scrunch Booty Tights

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Turn the spotlight on your back with the high waist ruched leggings from Under Armour which can make you look like a seductive fashionista. It is crafted with a 4-way see-through fabric that hides cellulite by contouring to your womanly curves. The butt lifting feature of this activewear can make women feel confident while flaunting their assets at the gym. This compression pant is equipped with moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable while camouflaging skin imperfections.

8. A Agroste Butt Lifting Ruched Workout Butt Lifting Leggings

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The polyamide and spandex blend gym leggings for butt lifting feels extremely lightweight against the skin so that you can work out without any restriction. Its sexy butt lift feature can boost the volume of your booty by gently pressing against your back. This affordable activewear is tailor-made for everyday athleisure and fitness enthusiasts. The 4-way stretch fabric conforms and contours to your body with every single movement your make. You can also expect tummy control out of its high waist design for a streamlined appearance.

9. Fittoo Snake Printed Scrunch Back Workout Leggings

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Feel comfortable round the clock in these super soft ruched leggings crafted using high-quality fabrics. The fade-resistant and breathable fabric feel like a second skin as you undertake those strenuous workouts at the gym. You can avail of these high waist scrunch butt yoga pants in a variety of sizes and body types for selecting the one which flatters you the most. The chic texture of these compression leggings is perfect for everyday use as you team it up with T-shirts, tank tops, and sports bras to feel both confident and fashionable.

10. Fitto High Waisted Butt Lift Ruched Sexy Workout Leggings

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Make workouts fun with the sexy ruched leggings from FITTOO which do not fade even on being subjected to heavy-duty usage. It is made up of a zero-flaw soft material that ensures a seamless fit while keeping that extra flab neatly tucked in. The high compression waist and the scrunch line joins hands to make your booty look nice and juicy.

11. Starbild Scrunch Butt Lifting Push Up Leggings with Pockets

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It’s time to make your butt look rounder and waist smaller with this high waist style of leggings depot butt scrunch leggings whose four-way fabric helps in moving around easily. You can team it up with matching cropped tanks during your workouts and even sports athleisure chic to those everyday events. This lower body enhancing style offers tummy control to make you look like a glamorous diva.

12. High Waisted Booty Scrunch Butt Lift Workout Trousers

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Accentuate your booty and create an illusion of rounder butt cheeks with these high-waisted push up leggings crafted using moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics. It delivers a more streamlined look while offering lightweight comfort. The sweat absorption capabilities of this yoga pant keep you feeling comfortable even as you engage in high-intensity workouts.

13. Aeezo High Waisted Anti Cellulite Textured Scrunch Butt Lift Booty Leggings

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Make heads turn in these leggings depot high-waisted leggings which bring along a unique blend of polyester and spandex. The non-see-through fabric of this booty enhancing leggings having a ruched fabric can make your hips look fuller. 4 ways stretch fabric offers a high level of tummy control to make you look more feminine. A high level of elasticity is offered by these textured squat-proof yoga pants to keep you moving freely throughout the workout sessions.

14. Nebbia Push Up Scrunch Back Butt Leggings

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NEBBIA Eltra-cozy Scrunch Butt Leggings 222 will create a sexy hourglass effect by making your tummy appear much smaller than before. Fashion buffs go Gaga over its cute butt scrunch feature that gives a rounded bubble butt look. Its utmost comfortability, picture-perfect fitting, and oomph in the butt and hip area perfectly update your style game. These trendy pieces are blessed with perky bottom and breathable materials. It shapes your tummy and accentuates your booty to make it look like a juicy peach. This stunner has 13% elastane and 87% polyamide. Fitness freaks also love its quick-drying feature as these lightweight, hygroscopic, stretchy leggings come with motion wicking and sweat absorption capabilities. This time let your legs breathe well and enjoy its super sexiness and comfortability during those rigorous workout sessions. You can even pair it with your beautiful casual attire when you are out for running errands or a jog, or any outdoor activities. This simple outfit solution will make you feel like a street stunner.

15. Moshengqi High Waisted Textured Ruched Butt Lifting Booty Tights

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MOSHENGQI high waist butt lifting workout leggings is considered the sexiest and super comfy piece. The moment you slip into this breathable, super-soft, hygroscopic clothing staple, you instantly feel more confident and relaxed.  Its unique butt lifting feature offers oomph in your beautiful hip, thigh, and of course, butt area. This chic is crafted from super-soft materials like polyester, acrylic, and spandex. Your legs will fall in love with its exquisite softness and cute butt scrunch. These figure-flattering stunners also feature breathable stretchiness, squat proof, a natural-looking perfect back that will never pill or fade. Its great fitting always makes you feel cozy. These lightweight bum-sculpting superheroes come with moisture-wicking and sweat absorption inclinations. Enjoy the extraordinary comfort of this textured active-wear when you are out for running errands or a jog, or relaxing in your sweet home. Fitness enthusiasts can carry this as gym attire or in outdoor sports events to steal the spotlight.

Have you been on the perpetual quest for leggings that can streamline your whole look? If you have an affirmative answer, then the high waisted bottom scrunch leggings can serve as a match made in heaven. It’s cinched construction starts exactly from your tailbone to keep all eyes transfixed at your butt cheeks. So, try them out today and get ready to bask in compliments wherever you go.




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